NPTB - NFT rendering tool - C4D Plugin

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What is New Plug-in The Block?

NPTB is a C4D plugin that allows 3D artists to export an infinite number of combinations of the same animation, with a simple interface and full control over the rendering. 

It facilitates, among other things, the rendering of NFT collections in 3D.


  • Rendering: render several versions of the same animation all at once
  • Rarity: control the percentage of appearance of each element and the number of combinations in which it will appear
  • Exclusion/Inclusion: choose to exclude elements that won’t fit together or to associate elements together
  • Number of combinations: choose the total number of combinations by monitoring rarity on each element
  • Preview: check your combinations before rendering your animations
  • Animate combinations: generate one animation with all elements switching in one video
  • Metadatas: enter the metadatas of your NFT collection directly in the plugin and export JSON. Update your metadata with the IPFS address

See how it works

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You will get: the plugin + a user manual PDF + a C4D test project

C4D R23 (and above)
All render engine

NPTB - NFT rendering tool - C4D Plugin

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